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21 is the podcast created to share more about the life and lessons that come with being an athlete. Join my co-host, Yvonne Harris, and me as we explore the powerful connection of sports, life, and business told by athletes who live it. This month, stay tuned for episodes from one of my former teammates, great friends in the sports biz, and a client who I have watched grow her game through the years.

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21 Talks with Certified Financial Planner, Brad Nicholson

by 21 Podcast

On this segment of 21, you’ll meet Brad Nicholson.  Brad is the President of Van Hulzen Asset Management, which is one of the fastest growing independent advisory firms in the country providing investment, asset management, financial planning and retirement planning services.
Brad is an accomplished athlete, and one Drew’s former teammates.  He was the 2001 GSAC Conference Player of the Year and played in the NBA Summer League after his senior year in college.
Brad’s basketball journey started in Idaho, but the sport was a vehicle for him to travel throughout the USA and to other countries.  Brad’s Faith serves as an anchor and guide for his life; stay tuned for a story that Brad tells about how his ‘inner voice’ saved him from a situation that could have derailed his college basketball career.
Brad speaks candidly about his passion for basketball, coupled with the need for athletes to have other aspirations just in case a professional sports career does not materialize.  And once again, 21 listeners will be remined of the importance of networking.  It is not only who you know; it is who knows you that can make the difference!
Brad is wise well-beyond his years, candid, and has a super sense of humor.  He came prepared with a couple of hilarious “Drew Stories” that will brighten your day. Lastly, you may also be inspired to achieve a 90% three-point accuracy percentage once you hear how Brad made this a focus.
Enjoy this episode of 21!
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This podcast is dedicated to Vera Lott and Dr. Carol Yvonne Plummer Harris.