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21 is the podcast created to share more about the life and lessons that come with being an athlete. Join my co-host, Yvonne Harris, and me as we explore the powerful connection of sports, life, and business told by athletes who live it. This month, stay tuned for episodes from one of my former teammates, great friends in the sports biz, and a client who I have watched grow her game through the years.

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21 Talks with International Basketball Star, Troy Sledge

by 21 Podcast

On this segment of 21, we talk with Troy “TJ” Sledge, one of Drew’s former college teammates.
Troy grew up in Brooklyn where his love for the game was fortified by the electric basketball atmosphere of New York City, centered around the famed Holcombe Rucker Park, The Rucker, in Harlem. Troy shares some of his fondest memories play youth basketball, and those early mentors who impacted his life. (Shout out to Heather Brown!)
Like so many young athletes, Troy was a basketball superstar who saw the game as a vehicle for his life dreams. And like many young athletes, Troy did not receive the proper guidance to understand the importance of grades and standardized tests in making the sports dream a reality. In Texas, we call it ‘No pass, no play.’
Troy’s journey took a different turn when he did not meet the academic requirements to attend certain colleges. However, on 21 we believe that everything that happens for a reason, and great things happen to great people. Both are true for Troy!
Troy left NYC to play college ball in California, then he has a successful professional career overseas. Troy describes how his professional career ended abruptly and that it took him almost 7 years for settle on his next career move. This is not uncommon for professional athletes; most just don’t speak openly about it.
Troy’s transparency, his realness is a gift. He is wise beyond his years and now devotes his time to his family and sharing his gifts and lessons with others.
Enjoy this episode of 21!
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This podcast is dedicated to Vera Lott and Dr. Carol Yvonne Plummer Harris.