College Hall of Fame

Achieving Goals

A lot of exciting things have happened since the last time I wrote. The main one being that I was elected into my College Hall of Fame. It’s an honour and when I think about how that is something that will be engrained in history forever, it is so surreal and unbelievably cool! The ceremony will be in San Diego, California on November 17th & 18th.  The weekend we play the reigning champs, Leicester Riders in the first round of the  BBL Cup. Yea REALLY bad timing…. I have created limited edition hall of fame t-shirts for those that support my Train Harder brand.

Newcastle Eagles Fast Start

Currently, we are 3-0 in the BBL season and off to a great start.  Pre-season we spent a week in Belgium and it is paying dividends. We spend a lot of time together resulting in great team bonding opportunities. It has been very evident so far as we have nice group that enjoys being together. In sports, chemistry is overlooked as the talent throughout the team is the always the focus. I have been playing a long time and the teams that I’ve had the most success on had the best chemistry.


British Basketball’s New Franchise

Our most recent game we beat London’s new franchise by 50 points.  To be honest, the margin is irrelevant; it was more about how we played on both ends of the floor for 40 minutes. A number of Newcastle Eagle supporters that I have encountered since that performance have expressed their appreciation for the teams effort in that game. Sports Central’s atmosphere was the best I’ve seen it in years. If our fans keep that up, opposing teams will find it tough playing us at home.


In our team launch our coach Fab Flournoy stated, this team will play with pride.”We have gotten back to our roots and have a major focus on defence. Fab’s teams have always been about defence but the past few years, the club has done such a great job with recruiting that we have had some great offensive talent. When you have great offensive players, no matter how much you preach defensive, it’s human nature as an athlete to rely on your offense.

Train Harder

Personally, I’m off to a solid start but I feel like I have much more to give.  I feel quicker, more explosive and stronger than the past few years. I feel like the investment into my body this off-season is paying off.

All in all we must stay hungry and humble as a team. We have had fast starts the past few years and had nothing to show for it. My college coach use to say, “when things are good, they really aren’t that good; When things are bad, they really aren’t that bad” meaning, never get too high or too low. Back to work!