Newcastle Eagles – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

I’m proud to announce that I have re-signed with Newcastle Eagles for my 14th professional season. Back in 2005, during my rookie season, I was just trying to survive day to day. A season in which I pulled my hamstring for the first time, a season that my grandmother past in October so I returned back to Texas for a week, a 1-11 start to the season, terrible weather coming from San Diego, California and a world without technology.

Young aspiring players always reach out to see how I have the longevity.  Well, honestly it’s all a blessing from God. There are many ingredients that are contributed to a long career. The biggest thing is avoiding major injury, timing, being coachable, controlling your ego and most importantly taking care of your body! I actually now know how to really take care of my body thanks to the ultimate pro-Fabulous Flournoy (my current coach). I have a routine of products (legal) that I take. I’ll tell you guys my secret one day.

My main goal this year is to overtake that top spot back in the BBL. It has been Leicester’s league over the past few years and I’m motivated to get it back before I walk away. Also, help provides some momentum for the club as we move into our new arena. From a personal view, my main priority is to remain healthy. Other than that, I want to have a bounce-back season. Last year was my worst year playing basketball since my junior year of high school when I sat the bench on Varsity that season. I put in a lot of work on my body and game but that guarantees you nothing. So I’m excited to see if it all translates. You can check out here a few drills that I’ve worked on over the summer to improve my shooting.

Once an Eagle always an Eagle!

For the Love of the Game

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Do you want more out of your life? I do!


My name is Drew Lasker and I’m a professional basketball player for the Newcastle Eagles in the British Basketball League. I’ve been playing and living in the U.K for over 13 years now. Although American, I have dual citizenship as my wife is British. I come from a town right outside of Houston, Texas called Katy. I spent 4 years in California from 2000-2004 playing college ball at Christian Heritage College and finishing up at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California.


Back in 2007 during the prime of my basketball career I began a basketball training business called DBSD Training. DBSD is an acronym for Drew’s Basketball Skill Development but most know us by our slogan name ‘Train Harder’. We currently have over 130 clients enrolled in our program and it continues to grow rapidly.


The reason I wanted to start a blog is to inspire and motivate others to chase their dreams and maximize the time you have here on this Earth. In these blogs, I plan to be 100% transparent and help you become the best version of yourself.  Although I’m an athlete, these blogs will cover much more than just sports. However, sport is a carbon copy of my life as I’ve learned many lessons on the court which I’ve used to become the man, husband and father you see today. So, sit back and enjoy the ride as we endure this journey together to get more out of our lives!