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Our training program includes an amazing support system whether you train in person at our facilities or through our online programs. Our program is designed to help you become the best version of yourself!

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Train with a Professional European Pro and our very experienced training staff! Reach your basketball potential and accomplish your goals with first class basketball training. Train at our facility located in Katy, Texas. Our training services includes private 1 on 1 training, group training and a variety of clinics. Get started today and book through the convenience of our online booking system.

Don’t live nearby? Unable to get to our training facility? No problem as we have you covered through our online programs. Our digital basketball programs are easy to follow and provide you structure to your home workouts. We offer a variety of packages that include a weekly training program, vertical jump program and library of Drew’s favorite ball handling drills. Drew will provide mentorship though your journey of our online packages

Hi, I’m Drew

Basketball is my first Love. Since I was 7 years old I’ve always wanted to be a professional basketball player. My journey was not easy as I have always been the Underdog. In 8th grade I was a C-team player with athleticism but lacked skill. That was the moment I began focusing on skill development.                                                                             
Basketball has allowed me to travel and work with players all over the world. I have a  passion for sharing my knowledge and skills to the next generation. Now I would like to share and help you achieve your goals.
I am 14-year professional European basketball player in the United Kingdom. I began my career with the Plymouth Raiders and I am currently in my 6th season with the Newcastle Eagles. In my 6 seasons with Newcastle, I have won a total of 8 Titles. During the offseason, I reside in my hometown of Katy, Texas. I attended Katy High School ’00 where I was a two-year Varsity letterman on the Men’s basketball team. Following High School I was able to continue my basketball career at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. During my time there, I was a 3-time All GSAC, 2-time NAIA All American and I was inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame in November 2018.
 In the prime of my basketball career, I started this basketball skill development program formally known as DBSD Training in 2007. Over the years the program has grown and we know train over 100 athletes. At TrainHarder21 the goal is to help athletes reach their full potential by becoming the best version of themselves. Through hard work and dedication, I guarantee to take your game to the next level!

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Train Harder with Drew

I believe in You! With my professional basketball experience and 15 years of training athletes all over the world, together we will help you achieve all of your goals.


14-Year European Professional


15 Years Basketball Training Experience


Point Loma Nazarene College Hall of Fame Inductee 2018


Represented England in the 2018 Commonwealth Games


Masters Degree in Professional Sports Coaching 2018

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Our program is suited for all ages and skill levels.

Laura Rowe

Freshmen at Abilene Christian University
Katy High School All time leading scorer

I’ve known Drew since I was in elementary school. I originally met him through school basketball camps, then found out the summer after my sophomore year he started his own training camp. I started going to his high school group workouts and loved it. He made everything competitive and pushed me to work harder and shoot better than I had ever before. I went to individuals and group sessions the next summer and after each session, I felt like I had put quality work in on my shot and ball handling, two areas I definitely needed help with. I committed to go to ACU in July going into my senior year and Drew continued to push me harder than before rather than allowing me to relax because I “made it.” Even when I came back from my first summer of college, he helped me work on the things that my coach wanted us to work on. Drew has done so much to make me a better player on the court and a better person off of it and I am very appreciative of all he has done for me.”

Abby Bala

Varsity’s starting Point Guard as a Freshmen at Cinco Ranch High School

Varsity’s starting Point Guard as a Freshmen at Cinco Ranch High SchoolMy name is Abby Bala I have been training with Drew for 3 years going on 4. I played YMCA, league, club, and school basketball. Training with Drew has helped me improve my game majorly on both offensive and defense. The training I have received has been a big part of the success I have had. I am currently a freshman at Cinco Ranch High School and starting point guard for the varsity basketball team. Thank you DBSD for everything! I would recommend you guys to anyone who wants to take there game to the next level!

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